Surrender to Love

It feels like a perfect moment to write about surrender.


There is so much confusion about this topic. On the surface, surrender seems like giving up, giving in and being lazy. It seems like a passive and weak approach to life. In war, to surrender it means to give up and let the enemy win.


But – from a Spiritual point of view surrender is one of the greatest tools in your toolbox.


Let’s define surrender before we take another step. To surrender means to “submit or to yield”. So with that in mind, it’s vital to understand WHAT we are surrendering to. If you surrender to fear, or to anger, or to low self-esteem, then you are letting that force run you. You are giving up and giving into energies that don’t serve your Greatest Good. In war, to submit to an enemy that is threatening to kill your family is also not a good idea. These kinds of surrender I’m not talking about.


I’m talking about something much greater, grander and more meaningful than negative energy, and if we all cultivated the kind of surrender, there would be no “enemy” because we would realize we are all brothers and sisters floating through space on the same rock with limited resources.


The kind of surrender I’m talking about is surrender with a capital S. To Surrender is to Surrender to Love. Love is the Energy that creates our Journey. This Energy is kind, creative and knows us FAR better than we do. This Energy of Love gave you gifts, talents and a purpose. So when you Surrender (capital S), you do not surrender to human beings (who are fallible), nor do you submit to a negative thought pattern.


When you Surrender you give up the control of your life to an Energy that will guide you perfectly. When you Surrender to the Energy of Love, you let go and let yourself be lived by It. Faith in this process is the soil in which you will flourish. This is no different than a seed being firmly planted in the right soil and watered. You are the seed, Faith is the soil and Love is what grows you. The seed effortlessly grows into its fullest expression, not by force, but with ease.


If you’re having a hard time believing that a kind, wise, loving and compassionate Energy created This Journey, I’m going to ask you to do an experiment. Try. Try for 30 days to let go and let Love guide you. Not romantic love, not emotional love and not your love of cookies – I’m talking about Love with a capital L, that Creative Energy that made us all. Surrender (capital S), to Love, give IN to it… Let It guide you.


When you do this, all the illusions of your life that does not resonate with Love will burst. It may seem like your world is turning upside down – totally normal. It’s kind of like waking up from The Matrix. You’re gunna see things all kinds of differently. Just stick with it.


If you have problems, worries, or desires, just hand them over to Love. Lay them down at the feet of Love and stop trying to solve your problems with your mind. Give Love room to step in and help guide you. When you do this, you will be led to the strangest and most beautiful of places. Some people will leave your life; new ones will come. You may be fired, or feel called to quit your job. You may realize you are not in a Loving relationship. Whatever it may be, whatever you feel Love is guiding you to do, jump in.


Faith in yourself and in Love pays massive dividends. We are energetic beings and Love is the Highest Energy on This Journey. Some people say that Love doesn’t pay the bills, but I call bullshit. When you do what you Love, you will go through a phase of trials, but at the end of that process, if you stick with it, you WILL be rewarded not only with a greater sense of purpose and accomplishment, but with financial reward. Love protects anyone who pursues Love and welcomes Love in his or her life.


People change, the economy changes and life can be confusing – but Love never changes.


Surrender to Love; give it a try for 30 days and let me know what happens. Heck, maybe even give it a year. If your way hasn’t worked so far, perhaps this may be a better way.