Welcome Your Summer Soltice

This is summer’s height, midsummer, the longest day and the shortest night of the earth’s solar year. Here we celebrate the completion of the cycle that began at the winter solstice. In the midst of the longest day of the year, we simultaneously begin our return to the dark half of the year.
Solstice means “standing of the sun” and we can connect to this great turning point in the earth’s yearly cycle by taking a moment to stop, be still and look back at our own unique journey since the winter solstice. From now to the winter solstice everything in earth will be withdrawing within.


I challenge everyone to use this time to focus on what you wish to nurture and develop in yourselves during the coming months. The summer solstice is a doorway into the second half of the year, energizing the paths that lead within.


Stand on the threshold and ask yourself what you wish to encourage in your life!


Summer solstice is a time for celebrating the fertility of the earth. Stimulate your own creative juices, like exploring the significance of the Yin Yang symbol. Traditionally this is a time for lighting bonfires and staying up all night to see the sun rise. Either way make sure you celebrate the longest day and the shortest night of the year!


How do you plan to live the second half of the year?


I will not live an unlived life. I will not live in fear of falling or catching fire. I choose to inhabit my days, to allow my living to open me, to make me less afraid, more accessible, to loosen my heart. Until it becomes a wing, a torch, a promise. I choose to risk my significance; to live. So that which came to me as a seed, goes to the next as a blossom and that which came to me as a blossom, goes on as a fruit.


Love More

Love does not withhold, it does not play games, it does not need to be right.


Love is a constant flow of giving and receiving. It is not enough to love yourself.


Loving yourself is an important and vital first step, but loving yourself alone will eventually lead to plain old narcissism.


For love to be complete it’s gotta be shared. For love to be complete it’s gotta be given and received.


There are a lot of people out there who say “I’m doin’ me”, or “I’m just lovin’ myself” and I say congratulations! But here’s a warning: Don’t love yourself only; if you do, you will wither and die a spiritual death.


Sometimes, loving yourself can be a wall to hide behind the willingness to be vulnerable. Love requires vulnerability to flow. Without vulnerability, love cannot grow and love cannot flow.


It takes a strong person to love themselves, especially if they have lived their whole life NEVER loving themselves. But know that loving yourself is a first step; it is not the destination.


A relationship based on love is a constant giving and receiving by each person. You will not lose yourself in a balanced relationship, because the right one for you will also support your needs; it can’t be otherwise.


The key is to pick the right person, and that takes courage. The right person will challenge you. The right person will scare you. The right person will demand the best of you and call you on your inconsistencies. But the right person will also be willing to work through problems when they arise, instead of bailing!

Embrace Change

When you get into a certain pattern and set of habits, it can be very hard to change.

Sometimes you can be in a negative pattern your whole life and think that that is just how “life is”.

The only way your “life is” is a reflection of your thoughts and habits. Life is not your pattern. Life is whatever you choose it to be. The meaning in life is the meaning you bring TO it.

If you so choose, there is a brand new and totally different reality out there for you to experience. Choose healthy habits; choose more for yourself. Know that a new outcome and experience is possible for you. To experience a new kind of life, first you must change your patterns. The first step to changing your patterns is raising your standards so you can create more for your life. Choose a loving relationship over a toxic one. Choose alkaline food over acidic food. Get off your ass and workout, instead of staying on the couch.

When you raise your standards, you will rise along with them.

Envision a new and better life for YOURSELF and then get to work acting and living “as if”. Challenge your current pattern by introducing new and healthier thoughts, patterns and actions.

Embrace change and get excited when you no longer recognize your life.

My moto has always been to accept change, embrace it and know that you will never become who you want to be by remaining who you are, if you want it fight for it, if you need it, MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Something exciting and new is brewing, so get out there!