Removing the word SHOULD….

It’s so important to put the loving first.


Love of yourself and then love of others. People can feel your loving most, not with words, but with actions and presence.


Instead of trying to correct, change or otherwise influence those you love, just meet them where they are, right now, and love them there.


This includes you. Meet yourself where you are. If there is anything you want to change about yourself, first accept where you are and love it. Acceptance and love of where you are, right now, makes change and transformation much easier. Instead of fighting against a negative self-image, you are embracing a positive self-image. As a result, the process of change and transformation is joyful rather than stressful.


Another way to meet yourself and others where you are is to drop the word “should” from your vocabulary. In truth, there is nothing you should have done differently; there is nothing they should have done differently; there is only reality, your acceptance of it as it is, and a gentle transformation of it moment by moment to a more loving state.


When you should all over yourself & others, you have stepped out of love and into fear.


Nestle into self-love and acceptance of the moment. All good things flow to the humble heart that knows all is well and getting better.


So, in your loving today, don’t love them and yourself if they are only the way you want. Love them and yourself where you are right now. Watch what beauty happens


Possibility is in YOUR Reach

Here’s a major block to getting what you want: scarcity or lack of consciousness.


What’s that mean? It means believing that there is not enough to go around. Doesn’t matter what you think it is, this applies to all forms of manifestations.


Love, money, success, happiness, whatever.


Buying into the belief that there is not enough will only hinder you.


Why? Well, first of all, in an INFINITE world the thought that there isn’t enough is just a straight lie.


This world is naturally abundant; it is we, the humans, who don’t understand this, and as a result create the temporary “experience” of lack. But, if we look deeper, we will see lack is just a belief we’ve bought into.


Don’t believe me? Try to count all the grains of sand on a beach, or all the cells in your body. There are TRILLIONS of cells in your body and even more grains of sand on this earth.


Some of the wealthiest people became wealthy during recessions and the Great Depression. Even recently companies like Groupon (which Google offered to buy for BILLIONS and was turned down) and Facebook are thriving and experienced huge growth during the recession.


This isn’t about lack of resources, love or friendship in the world. This is about a lack of inner love, possibility and friendship.


When you truly belong to yourself, when you trust your Higher Power, when you accept yourself, claim your talents and see possibility in the world, life starts to change.


Lack is an inner experience, not an outer reality. The reason why there is lack in the world is because human beings are not in alignment with the natural way of things. The majority of us are driven by fear and the belief in lack and separation from each other, so that is what most of us experience.


But we, the Seekers on The Journey perceive differently. We believe and experience an infinite supply. We are already connected to all that we wish to manifest. We leave room for miracles, synchronicity and GRACE to show up in our lives. We are co-Creators of our lives and so we are not victims of the way most people believe life to be.


We know there is more than enough out there and that we are more than enough “in here”. So there is no chase. There is only enjoyment of the present moment. When we want a new experience, we shift our intention, change our actions and persist with faith that all things are being done for our greatest good.


This shift from lack to abundance thinking is a game changer. Try it for one year, make your thoughts, intentions, actions and beliefs line up with the natural abundance of This Journey and see what happens.


I can promise you this, dear Reader- life will NEVER be the same again!


Part of being free means learning how to forgive. Forgive yourself first and then extend that forgiveness to those who have harmed you.

You see, one of the biggest misconceptions about forgiveness is that by forgiving someone we somehow make right what they did. We believe that if we forgive, then we condone their actions.


Nothing could be further from the truth.


You see, your dreams and your Journey are present time things. They know nothing of the past and are unconcerned with the future. Dreams manifest in the now. The energy of your Journey only exists now. There is no other time that it can exist.


So, forgiveness breaks our chains with the past. It helps us to learn from the past and no longer let any traumatic experiences dictate our present moment. That way, we are free to manifest here and now, no longer ruled by the events of the past.


Forgiveness is actually a very selfish thing. Forgiving someone doesn’t mean you condone the wrongs; forgiving someone means you are no longer willing to let pain from the past hold YOU down from living your dreams.


Dreams and your Highest Potential take major energy to create. If you’re too busy using your energy and attention to keep the past alive, there is no way you will muster enough energy to bring them into reality.


So, today, not for them, but for YOU, forgive them. Forgive them with all your heart. Create enough space and acceptance in your heart so that no event of the past can harm you any longer. Let go of the pain and step into this present moment renewed and re- energized.


Forgiveness is the business of love. Your energy and attention has to be in there, here and now, for you to be able to take action in the now for your dreams and Highest Potential to materialize.


Forgive them, not for their sake, but because your dreams are counting on you to.