Your Gifts Need to be Shared to the World

Ask for what you want. Think big and ask big. In an infinite world even the largest request is small.

The key is don’t ask from your ego; ask from your heart. The ego asks because it wants to be superior, made larger and more significant. The heart asks because it wishes to share, heal and inspire the world. When you have a large vision and know your purpose, ask for it in all the biggest ways you can. Know that you have value and that your gifts need to be shared with the world.

We actually need you to think big and ask big. It is the gifts that you bring forth from within, from your heart that are inspired by Your Journey that will change, heal and inspire this world. We keep thinking someone else is going to do it, but the truth is, my friend, it is up to YOU to help heal and change your part of the world.

You can’t do that when you’re small. You can’t do that when you’re not living your purpose. You can’t do that if you don’t have the courage to ask for what your heart desires.

Check this out! The gift that you want to give to this world from the depth of your heart will not only increase the quality of your life, it will actually help OTHER people, too. So if you don’t have the self-esteem right now to ask for yourself, ask then for those that will be inspired, moved and healed from your gifts being revealed to the world.

Jesus, in the Gospel of Thomas, said it best – “If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what do you do not bring forth will destroy you.” What you bring forth from your heart will not only save you, my friend, it will help to save our planet as well.

Knowing that, how can you NOT ask for what your heart desires?



Most human problems are created by our inability to properly feel and express our feelings.


Example: addiction. An addiction from my point of view is a way of distracting yourself from yourself. So, instead of feeling your feelings you’re: eating, drinking, working, sexing, drugging, being violent, etc.


Addicts from my experience and point of view are not just homeless bums on the street looking for drugs and alcohol. Addicts are people who run from their feelings and suppress them in unhealthy ways. I’m not a psychotherapist or a doctor. This is a definition I’ve come to through my own experience with addiction.


Another way to think of it is this: an addiction is an unhealthy habit that takes you further away from your Soul and the presence of your Journey in your life.


My life’s aim has been to, one day at a time, replace unhealthy addictions for healthy habits. I’ve found the root of my success has been my ability to feel and express my feelings in constructive ways.


Now, most of the time, when I feel a negative feeling, an impulse to consume, chase or fill up a void inside me, instead of going outward, I go within. I stop, focus on my breath and let my feelings come up. Then I write them down, or get creative and write a poem, draw or exercise. I just channel the energy differently.


And what happens is that instead of keeping them down and needing to cover them up, I have space and distance from my emotions. Day by day I begin to understand the negative thoughts, beliefs and emotions that trigger my “addictions” and instead of letting them rule my life, I see them just as thoughts.


Then, the more distance I get from these thoughts, the greater my ability is to choose a new thought and new action that is healthy, constructive and going towards making my dreams come true. It just takes a little courage to peek beneath the surface and see what’s there.


Remember, as Joseph Campbell says, “The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure that you seek.”

Press On….

It’s amazing to me, how many people are afraid of the word “no”, ESPECIALLY when it comes to intimate relationships and being an entrepreneur.


I’ve seen in my own life and in the life of many of my friends that we tend to spend so much time avoiding a “no”, that we waste time, and instead of marching right through our fears and on to the next, we delay, delay, delay.


The logic goes something like this:


We delay getting a “no” because if we get a “no” then we will be rejected, and if we’re rejected it means we are unlovable, unworthy and our dreams aren’t real. And feeling those feelings of rejection is almost worse than our feelings of fear surrounding death. So, our lower self does everything it can to avoid those feelings. It procrastinates. It overeats. It drinks too much. It works too much. It avoids tough conversations with loved ones. It’s passive aggressive and it runs from those who expose us to those critical deeper truths about ourselves.


But see, that way of thinking isn’t true. Getting a “no” can be painful, but it’s not final. Edison tried 10,000 times before he got it right. Fred Smith, the founder of FedEx, was laughed at by his business professors at Yale for his idea of FedEx and even got a C on his presentation (his net worth is now $2.1 billion). And on and on the story goes.


Because you are a Seeker on your Journey your duty to your Highest Self, to your dreams and to those not yet on their Journey, is to invite the rejection into your life and then be unphased by it. You see, there is truly no such thing as rejection or failure. Rejection and failure are outcomes only of the mind, but not of reality. In reality, if someone says “no”, it’s just a result. It’s impersonal. You take this result personally and call it “rejection” or “failure”, but The Journey just calls it a result.


So, if you want to live your dreams, take Edison’s approach and instead of seeing “failure”, see each attempt that didn’t work as a result and as one step closer to your goal, because you now know one more thing that didn’t work. This means you are actually smarter and wiser than you were before. This is simply part of the learning process.


Taking things personally will not help you make your dreams comes true. So, know that when you produce results that do not match your expectations, do not call it rejection or failure and then create some silly sob story about yourself. Just be full, learn your lessons and know that the perfect person and outcome is on the way. A delay is not a denial, my friend, and a short-term “no” does not mean a final “no”.


Press on. Press on with all your heart and get busy producing results.

The Power of Thoughts

I realized something very different today. Here’s a liberating thought – you don’t have to believe every thought that you think. AND – not every thought that you think is true.

You might be conditioned to think – THIS ALWAYS HAPPENS TO ME.

Or perhaps – I DON’T DESERVE LOVE.

Or even better – I DON’T DESERVE TO BE HAPPY.

Since when did you let thoughts like this run your world? And who said you should believe them? And WHY do you believe them?

Today, here is a practice for you… Just for today, try NOT believing your thoughts. Just notice them.

When you have fearful thoughts, do not react, just notice. When you have thoughts of needing something outside yourself, do not react, just notice. When you have angry thoughts, do not react – just notice. When you have resentful thoughts, do not react, just notice.

If you want to live on this JOURNEY and reach your Highest Potential, it is essential that your awareness, your Soul, your Heart run the show. Do not buy into every thought that your mind believes. When you start to change your life, your mind will still believe the old thoughts and think that the newer and healthier thoughts are “weird”, “lies” or “cheesy”. None of these things are true.

If you want to step into a new way of being, then do not buy into what you think. Instead, learn to silence the mind through meditation (simply sit down for 15 minutes, close your eyes and focus on the breath entering and leaving your nose). When thoughts come up, just notice them and let them go.

It’s liberating to know that not everything you think is true, and it’s even more liberating to know that you have a CHOICE over which thoughts you want to believe.

Don’t Give Up

A lot of people tend to think, when they are pursuing their dreams, that when things aren’t going the way they “want” or the way they “planned”, that they should give up. Many people want to give up when things get a little tough. And it’s interesting to me to see how easy it is for people to BELIEVE the negative voice in their head, far more than their positive and neutral voices.

It’s almost like we are so afraid of getting our heart broken by our dream not coming true that any sign of setback, let down or unmet expectations are an excuse to stop trying.

But see, the thing is, walking on this JOURNEY will very rarely ever meet your “expectations”. The world speaks in paradox. What looks big, is usually small; what looks scary is usually joyful; what seems impossible is very much achievable and what seems hard can be easy. It’s just being able to understand the paradoxical nature of this JOURNEY as well as having the emotional fitness and humility to not have to buy into the thought that everything has to go “your way”.

Instead of judging a situation as “bad”, a “setback” or a “quitting point”, look at it this way… see… GRACE.

You have no idea how protected, guided and looked after you are. When you look back at this moment in a few weeks, months or years, you very well will look back and see a blessing instead of a setback. So train your mind to refrain from judging a situation. Believe in GRACE. Instead of running away from your dreams, just sit with the uncomfortable feelings, meditate, take care of yourself and let them pass through you.

Do not run away because it is uncomfortable. Stay BECAUSE it is uncomfortable. Let your fears be purified by facing them. Let your judgments fade by not reacting to them and seeing how they play out over time. Humble yourself and know that things don’t have to go YOUR WAY for you to be happy. There could be a way that is being guided from this JOURNEY that is much greater than you could ever imagine.

Emotional fitness, humility and a grace-filled mind will take you where you need to go. Let go of the judgments. Let go of the expectations and just show up fully with whatever you are feeling today. But do not turn back. Stay in the fire. You are not being burned – you are bring purified.

Define Yourself

In the Western world, we spend more of our time rushing around trying to “accomplish” something. Fill in the blank and we are trying to get it done. Make more money. Lose more weight. Find more love. Finish our to do lists. Have more energy. Get a better job. Have more free time. Love ourselves more. Get to work on time. Get home on time.

Western society is dominated by “achievers”. Nothing wrong with achievers – I myself have an achiever within me. But – like everything, if the achiever is out of balance, LIFE is out of balance.

I have come to believe that you cannot force most of the things in life. Sure you can set goals and achieve them, but I’m talking about something bigger. It’s VERY important to know what you want. If you don’t know what you want it won’t happen.

BUT – if you spend all your time focusing on what you want, and at the same time believing that you are experiencing lack in the not having of it, you are setting yourself up for a lot of pain.

The truth, as I see it, is that you and me, we are already whole. We are children of this JOURNEY and by our very nature are taken care of. If we have a goal to achieve, it’s not because we are lacking anything, but because we choose to experience a different version of fullness.

You can’t do it all by yourself. And chasing what you want from a place of lack will give you results. But if you want BIG RESULTS, BIG LOVE and FREEDOM, I suggest entering into life from fullness.

The uneasiness you feel from going from a perception of lack to a belief in already being full is your work. When you can walk in your own skin and feel like you’ve already arrived and that you are already full – you have arrived to your own power. Until then, surround yourself with people, places and circumstances that promote your fullness and your dreams. Cultivate a positive mindset; work on yourself every day and LET GOT OF RESULTS.

A life of fullness exists today, right now. Your work is to see it, feel it and then act from that place. You will bring even greater fullness into your life when you do.

Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one’s definition of your life; define yourself!!

Don’t Stand Down

In what ways do you make yourself wrong?

I don’t know about you, but there are tons of ways for me to make myself wrong.

No matter how hard I try, even when my intentions are pure, I am queen of making myself wrong when my actions don’t please someone else. Even when in my heart I know my actions are pure, when someone really disagrees with me, or my actions cause someone else to react in anger, I’ve immediately toned down what I was saying. I also tend to apologize, even if I don’t mean it, because I would have rather had peace than friction.

But life is teaching me a different lesson. LIFE is teaching me to not back down because of fear of friction or disagreement. In fact, I’m learning that it is VITAL to hold firm to what you believe in and not back down just because someone else disagrees.


My perception used to be that because I was Seeker on this JOURNEY, that my job was to never ruffle feathers, apologize when “I made” someone angry and in some ways just be a push over because I didn’t want “conflict”. But that view is changing now…

I have come to believe that non-violent friction, non-violent disagreement and challenging the status quo in a non-violent way is actually a great thing. I’ve realized that many of the folks we look up to today, who ushered in massive social and spiritual change, were all very disturbing to the status quo and the stories people were telling about their lives.

Now, I’m not suggesting you be so stubborn as to not leave room for growth or to be so blind to what you believe that you can’t get new information and then change your mind.

But I am suggesting that as Seeker on this JOURNEY the duty is to hold strong to what you believe in, even if it ruffles feathers, even if it disturbs the status quo. That’s what we Seekers do. We are tapped into a truth or a vision that has not yet reached the mainstream. And many times our visions and our ideas can be perceived as a “threat” to the authority of the day. The “authority” could be a controlling and abusive government, or it could be a family member, lover or even just your own fear and ego.

The more I walk on this JOURNEY, the more I see that it’s our job to not stand down because what we say and do challenges the status quo. No, I believe it is our duty to stand up and be firm in our beliefs and that progress, innovation and conscious evolution are brought about by Seekers who didn’t stand down.

Did Rosa Parks stand down? Did MLK stand down? Did Harvey Milk stand down? Did Jesus stand down? Did America’s forefather’s stand down?


And our world is a better place because they didn’t.

Peaceful, non-violent disturbance has pushed the world forward since the beginning of Man. Your job dear Seeker, if you have the courage to accept it, is to not stand down. Hold a space of love, of progress and of unwavering conviction to the truths of your heart.

Don’t stand down.