Listen to Your Dark Side

It is counterintuitive to think that your greatest breakthroughs and insights come from your dark side, fears and insecurities. Normal ways of thinking suggest to ignore, suppress and deny your inner darkness. Thoughts of anger, jealousy, hate, fear, worry, anxiety, sadness and the like are avoided in everyday life. But doing this leads to even more pain, amplified negative feelings and eventually can cause your body to get sick or experience dis-ease.

From my experience I’ve found that there is actually a wealth of knowledge, insight and information contained within the dark sides of my personality. Upon further inquiry I’ve been able to see the root of my anger, fear, frustration, jealousy, etc. and then identify it, put a name on it and start to work with it.

For example, I have found that when I am jealous, it is only because I am focused on what someone else has and what I perceive to be “missing” from my life. Instead, when I focus on what I have, who I am and the amazing opportunities that surround me, jealousy fades and joy emerges. A lack if distrust in The world also creates jealous within me. When I am rooted in the trust that all is working out for my best interest and act from that place, I see only opportunities and I know at my core that there is more than enough for everyone and I have lost nothing but someone else having something.

When you inquire and look deeper into your shadow, all kinds of reasons will come up as to why you feel the way you feel. Once you understand why you feel the way you feel it’s easier to work with the emotion, reframe it, give it an empowering meaning and as a result change your life. When your dark emotions are expressed, understood and reframed you have found the secret key that unlocks joy, happiness, abundance and freedom.

Your dark side is a great teacher. There is great love to be discovered in your shadow if you let yourself go there. Don’t spend another minute denying these great parts of yourself. Give your dark side expression. Find someone who has knowledge in these areas and ask them for help to reframe your darkness and find the light that is waiting to be revealed.


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