Love More

Love does not withhold, it does not play games, it does not need to be right.


Love is a constant flow of giving and receiving. It is not enough to love yourself.


Loving yourself is an important and vital first step, but loving yourself alone will eventually lead to plain old narcissism.


For love to be complete it’s gotta be shared. For love to be complete it’s gotta be given and received.


There are a lot of people out there who say “I’m doin’ me”, or “I’m just lovin’ myself” and I say congratulations! But here’s a warning: Don’t love yourself only; if you do, you will wither and die a spiritual death.


Sometimes, loving yourself can be a wall to hide behind the willingness to be vulnerable. Love requires vulnerability to flow. Without vulnerability, love cannot grow and love cannot flow.


It takes a strong person to love themselves, especially if they have lived their whole life NEVER loving themselves. But know that loving yourself is a first step; it is not the destination.


A relationship based on love is a constant giving and receiving by each person. You will not lose yourself in a balanced relationship, because the right one for you will also support your needs; it can’t be otherwise.


The key is to pick the right person, and that takes courage. The right person will challenge you. The right person will scare you. The right person will demand the best of you and call you on your inconsistencies. But the right person will also be willing to work through problems when they arise, instead of bailing!


One response to “Love More

  1. Reblogged this on Paul C Burr and commented:
    I don’t have words good enough to describe how wisely simple TotalTrinity’s blogs are. They have a profound uplifting effect on me.
    That you TT /|\

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