Pefection is Overrated

In a certain sense, perfection is a myth. Major growth, creativity and fulfilled living is possible when you realize that you are a human being and by default, IMPERFECT.


The wise see the perfection in their imperfection and have come to love that part of themselves. Part of being human is being fallible. No matter how “perfect” certain people may seem, it is just not true that they are indeed perfect.


No great task, no great endeavor, no great outcome was ever created in perfect order with a known outcome. Sages, seekers, entrepreneurs, journeyers and anyone who has created anything that changed the world, ALL struck out into the unknown. None of them knew the steps to the outcome beforehand!


If you can embrace the unknown, come to terms with the fact that you will make mistakes and begin to see life as a process of learning, you will give yourself a HUGE advantage towards creating the life of your DREAMS.


I loved the line uttered by Jeff Bridges as Flynn in the recent Tron: Legacy movie. He said, “Perfection is unknowable”. He is right.


Waiting for the timing to be perfect, waiting to be smart enough, valid enough or “perfect” enough to start your journey is usually fear masquerading as perfectionism. Obviously, if you want to be a doctor, astronaut or other highly trained profession, there is a learning process you must go through. But, in general, when it comes to expressing yourself, when it comes to starting a business, when it comes to taking a leap of faith, the time to do it is NOW!


You do not need to “become more”, or “be more valid”, or be “perfect” to start. You only need to start. You will learn along the way and hone your skills. You will get better. You will make mistakes and you will survive them. Begin to treasure the journey rather than being “perfect”. Begin to see mistakes as a necessary part of the journey and that it’s by making them that you learn.


Love your imperfections. Let yourself off the hook. Be kind to yourself.


Greatness – is a constant course-correction. Love does not see your imperfection, but instead sees you as you are and, through the eyes of Love, you are perfect.


Ahhh! Doesn’t that feel better? Know that you are going to mess up and it’s okay. You can start your adventure, now. You are now free to take risks. You are now free to be the great and PERFECTLY IMPERFECT human being that you are. Let yourself go!


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