See Possibility

Instead of avoiding pain, instead of wishing life wasn’t hard sometimes, instead of cursing the setbacks – welcome all of it.

The struggle is what produces growth. Resistance is what produces fight. Pain is a wonderful teacher that, if used properly, shows us the way to bliss.

It is unrealistic to believe that life is always going to be easy and just because you feel entitled to it going a certain way DON’T think it will actually go that way.

Let this year be the year that you develop emotional fitness. Storms come. The trees that survive the strongest storms are those that have the deepest roots. Diamonds are made under pressure. Strong muscles are made by tearing apart weaker muscles and rebuilding stronger ones.

This is the way of life. Grow, or die. Contribute or be left behind.

There has never been a greater time in the history of the world to grow and contribute. Sure, it’s not as easy as it once was to get a job, but there is an even greater possibility out there. The Internet has created a brand new playing field.

With the economy still slow, having a can-do and positive attitude with an open mind that is seeking for opportunity and to solve problems is one hell of a competitive advantage. There are more resources at your fingertips now than ever before.

See life through this new lense…. See possibility…  Ask yourself what problems you want solved in the world and then get out there and get busy solving them.

Get proactive with your life. Don’t sit around waiting for a hand out or for it to get easier… BECOME STRONGER! Let the pressure and the struggle push you to work even harder, to add even more value, to contribute to the world beyond any level you thought you ever could.

If you want the diamond, the polished gem, use “HARD TIMES”, “PRESSURE” and “STRUGGLE” as great teachers pushing you to GROW.

If you do, you will have applied an empowering meaning to the events of your life and you will be one step closer to mastery.


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