Use Your Fear

The way you see the world changes after you start to become who you truly are. Seeking stops. Needing stops. You start to simply just be.


A veil of unconsciousness is lifted and you begin to see clearly why things didn’t work out the way they did in the past. You see that if you have gotten what you “THOUGHT” you wanted it would have prevented you from living at your Highest Potential. When you view the world through the eyes of LOVE you begin to see the ONENESS of all that is.


No one is below you, no one is above you, everyone is ONE with the Flow of Life. When you get to this place, all the chaos and struggle of your Life makes sense and you will be able to manifest your Heart’s desire without delay. To get there, do not run from your fear, instead USE your fear.


Love, success and all the good stuff emerges as you embrace and use your fear to your advantage. Fear will never go away, but you can become best friends with your fear. There is nothing that you need to chase. When you integrate and BECOME what you are seeking, IT will find YOU.


Your job is to show up and get busy BECOMING the person of your dreams!



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