What’s in a seed?

Once a seed is planted it takes time, the correct conditions and the proper nutrients for it to germinate. Depending on the type of seed you plant it could take days, weeks, months or even years for it to blossom into its Highest Expression.


If the seed is never planted it will not grow.  If it’s planted at the wrong time of year (i.e. winter), it cannot grow.  If the seed is planted and not watered or the soil lacks nutrients, it may germinate, but it will fail.


Your goals and aspirations are the same. Each goal is like a seed of possibility planted into the soil of your mind. It must be the right idea at the right time. It must be nurtured by the fertile soil of hopeful and realistic thinking with a positive expectation. It must be watered with hope, action and an empowering story. Most importantly the bright rays of the Light of Persistence must shine upon your goal.


Without these your goals and aspirations will not flourish. The time it takes is the time it takes. Throw yourself into your goals, become the kind of person it takes to achieve them and surrender the outcome to fate. Many times Grace has a way of pointing us in a direction we did not see that bears even greater fruit. Sometimes we don’t get what we want, but we get what we need, which is ALWAYS better than what we think we want.


The most important thing is to not give up. Beyond the point of giving up is where most success lies. It is vital that you keep going and keep the faith – ESPECIALLY – when you want to quit.


Do not give up my friend! Stay the course! Press on! Push through your doubt, resistance and fear into new and uncharted territory. This is what it takes to separate the dreamers from those who are living their dream!


3 responses to “What’s in a seed?

  1. I loved your comments and found them completely intriguing… I relate. I’d also love to know if you could give me more information about the beautiful graphic, I can’t really read the name of the artist? Can you tell me where you sound it… I’m subscribing to you!

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