Ever since you were conceived, you have been growing. Growth is why you have been born. You have been born to grow into your highest potential, to express the depth of your love, to let your creative juices flow and to pass on what you’ve learned to the rest of the world!

When you are the hero of your own life, you are constantly growing outside of your comfort zone. There is NO obstacle too large to face, because you know your mission is to face obstacles and become MORE by doing so. You are here to expand all areas of your life. YOUR work life, YOUR love life and YOUR inner life. The process of growth is where true fulfillment comes from.


If you look around in nature, life is either growing or decaying. To stop growing personally, professionally and creatively is to die a subtle death.


To keep growing – always be the student. Learn from your life experience, from others, and especially from the people who annoy you, and from people who express their love – thereby terrifying you. Never stop LEARNING. Once you’ve had a breakthrough, get out there and put your new awareness into action. This will bring more obstacles – but this time – meet them with a SMILE and strong sense of DETERMINATION. Like Bob Dylan said… “He who is not busy being born is busy dying.”


Where can you grow in your life today?


How will you keep going in your life?


What are you waiting for?




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