Embrace Change

When you get into a certain pattern and set of habits, it can be very hard to change.

Sometimes you can be in a negative pattern your whole life and think that that is just how “life is”.

The only way your “life is” is a reflection of your thoughts and habits. Life is not your pattern. Life is whatever you choose it to be. The meaning in life is the meaning you bring TO it.

If you so choose, there is a brand new and totally different reality out there for you to experience. Choose healthy habits; choose more for yourself. Know that a new outcome and experience is possible for you. To experience a new kind of life, first you must change your patterns. The first step to changing your patterns is raising your standards so you can create more for your life. Choose a loving relationship over a toxic one. Choose alkaline food over acidic food. Get off your ass and workout, instead of staying on the couch.

When you raise your standards, you will rise along with them.

Envision a new and better life for YOURSELF and then get to work acting and living “as if”. Challenge your current pattern by introducing new and healthier thoughts, patterns and actions.

Embrace change and get excited when you no longer recognize your life.

My moto has always been to accept change, embrace it and know that you will never become who you want to be by remaining who you are, if you want it fight for it, if you need it, MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Something exciting and new is brewing, so get out there!


Pefection is Overrated

In a certain sense, perfection is a myth. Major growth, creativity and fulfilled living is possible when you realize that you are a human being and by default, IMPERFECT.


The wise see the perfection in their imperfection and have come to love that part of themselves. Part of being human is being fallible. No matter how “perfect” certain people may seem, it is just not true that they are indeed perfect.


No great task, no great endeavor, no great outcome was ever created in perfect order with a known outcome. Sages, seekers, entrepreneurs, journeyers and anyone who has created anything that changed the world, ALL struck out into the unknown. None of them knew the steps to the outcome beforehand!


If you can embrace the unknown, come to terms with the fact that you will make mistakes and begin to see life as a process of learning, you will give yourself a HUGE advantage towards creating the life of your DREAMS.


I loved the line uttered by Jeff Bridges as Flynn in the recent Tron: Legacy movie. He said, “Perfection is unknowable”. He is right.


Waiting for the timing to be perfect, waiting to be smart enough, valid enough or “perfect” enough to start your journey is usually fear masquerading as perfectionism. Obviously, if you want to be a doctor, astronaut or other highly trained profession, there is a learning process you must go through. But, in general, when it comes to expressing yourself, when it comes to starting a business, when it comes to taking a leap of faith, the time to do it is NOW!


You do not need to “become more”, or “be more valid”, or be “perfect” to start. You only need to start. You will learn along the way and hone your skills. You will get better. You will make mistakes and you will survive them. Begin to treasure the journey rather than being “perfect”. Begin to see mistakes as a necessary part of the journey and that it’s by making them that you learn.


Love your imperfections. Let yourself off the hook. Be kind to yourself.


Greatness – is a constant course-correction. Love does not see your imperfection, but instead sees you as you are and, through the eyes of Love, you are perfect.


Ahhh! Doesn’t that feel better? Know that you are going to mess up and it’s okay. You can start your adventure, now. You are now free to take risks. You are now free to be the great and PERFECTLY IMPERFECT human being that you are. Let yourself go!

See Possibility

Instead of avoiding pain, instead of wishing life wasn’t hard sometimes, instead of cursing the setbacks – welcome all of it.

The struggle is what produces growth. Resistance is what produces fight. Pain is a wonderful teacher that, if used properly, shows us the way to bliss.

It is unrealistic to believe that life is always going to be easy and just because you feel entitled to it going a certain way DON’T think it will actually go that way.

Let this year be the year that you develop emotional fitness. Storms come. The trees that survive the strongest storms are those that have the deepest roots. Diamonds are made under pressure. Strong muscles are made by tearing apart weaker muscles and rebuilding stronger ones.

This is the way of life. Grow, or die. Contribute or be left behind.

There has never been a greater time in the history of the world to grow and contribute. Sure, it’s not as easy as it once was to get a job, but there is an even greater possibility out there. The Internet has created a brand new playing field.

With the economy still slow, having a can-do and positive attitude with an open mind that is seeking for opportunity and to solve problems is one hell of a competitive advantage. There are more resources at your fingertips now than ever before.

See life through this new lense…. See possibility…  Ask yourself what problems you want solved in the world and then get out there and get busy solving them.

Get proactive with your life. Don’t sit around waiting for a hand out or for it to get easier… BECOME STRONGER! Let the pressure and the struggle push you to work even harder, to add even more value, to contribute to the world beyond any level you thought you ever could.

If you want the diamond, the polished gem, use “HARD TIMES”, “PRESSURE” and “STRUGGLE” as great teachers pushing you to GROW.

If you do, you will have applied an empowering meaning to the events of your life and you will be one step closer to mastery.

Use Your Fear

The way you see the world changes after you start to become who you truly are. Seeking stops. Needing stops. You start to simply just be.


A veil of unconsciousness is lifted and you begin to see clearly why things didn’t work out the way they did in the past. You see that if you have gotten what you “THOUGHT” you wanted it would have prevented you from living at your Highest Potential. When you view the world through the eyes of LOVE you begin to see the ONENESS of all that is.


No one is below you, no one is above you, everyone is ONE with the Flow of Life. When you get to this place, all the chaos and struggle of your Life makes sense and you will be able to manifest your Heart’s desire without delay. To get there, do not run from your fear, instead USE your fear.


Love, success and all the good stuff emerges as you embrace and use your fear to your advantage. Fear will never go away, but you can become best friends with your fear. There is nothing that you need to chase. When you integrate and BECOME what you are seeking, IT will find YOU.


Your job is to show up and get busy BECOMING the person of your dreams!


What’s in a seed?

Once a seed is planted it takes time, the correct conditions and the proper nutrients for it to germinate. Depending on the type of seed you plant it could take days, weeks, months or even years for it to blossom into its Highest Expression.


If the seed is never planted it will not grow.  If it’s planted at the wrong time of year (i.e. winter), it cannot grow.  If the seed is planted and not watered or the soil lacks nutrients, it may germinate, but it will fail.


Your goals and aspirations are the same. Each goal is like a seed of possibility planted into the soil of your mind. It must be the right idea at the right time. It must be nurtured by the fertile soil of hopeful and realistic thinking with a positive expectation. It must be watered with hope, action and an empowering story. Most importantly the bright rays of the Light of Persistence must shine upon your goal.


Without these your goals and aspirations will not flourish. The time it takes is the time it takes. Throw yourself into your goals, become the kind of person it takes to achieve them and surrender the outcome to fate. Many times Grace has a way of pointing us in a direction we did not see that bears even greater fruit. Sometimes we don’t get what we want, but we get what we need, which is ALWAYS better than what we think we want.


The most important thing is to not give up. Beyond the point of giving up is where most success lies. It is vital that you keep going and keep the faith – ESPECIALLY – when you want to quit.


Do not give up my friend! Stay the course! Press on! Push through your doubt, resistance and fear into new and uncharted territory. This is what it takes to separate the dreamers from those who are living their dream!


Ever since you were conceived, you have been growing. Growth is why you have been born. You have been born to grow into your highest potential, to express the depth of your love, to let your creative juices flow and to pass on what you’ve learned to the rest of the world!

When you are the hero of your own life, you are constantly growing outside of your comfort zone. There is NO obstacle too large to face, because you know your mission is to face obstacles and become MORE by doing so. You are here to expand all areas of your life. YOUR work life, YOUR love life and YOUR inner life. The process of growth is where true fulfillment comes from.


If you look around in nature, life is either growing or decaying. To stop growing personally, professionally and creatively is to die a subtle death.


To keep growing – always be the student. Learn from your life experience, from others, and especially from the people who annoy you, and from people who express their love – thereby terrifying you. Never stop LEARNING. Once you’ve had a breakthrough, get out there and put your new awareness into action. This will bring more obstacles – but this time – meet them with a SMILE and strong sense of DETERMINATION. Like Bob Dylan said… “He who is not busy being born is busy dying.”


Where can you grow in your life today?


How will you keep going in your life?


What are you waiting for?



It Starts With Ambition

Each and every one of us was born with a seed, a gift, a potential within us. We were each born with this gift in our heart of hearts and it’s our strong desire to birth this gift from our heart, give it full expression, have it be seen and recognized by others and to be compensated for this gift. Each of us knows that this is the life we really should be living.

The ambition of our hearts is calling us to express it. We need an ego to form an identity and to manifest our ideas. The trick is to not let the tail wag the dog. When the Ego is a Servant of the Heart, THEN there will be balance, prosperity and proper manifestation.

When we finally accept our ambitions as gifts from beyond and claim our right to manifest these ambitions that’s when the real magic happens. What would have happened if your role models hadn’t had ambition on some level?


They would have never manifested and been passive observers of life.


There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a strong desire to express yourself, to be validated from it by your peers and to have enough power in your life to manifest ABUNDANCE.


If we look into our darkness, release our judgments of these sides of ourselves and give them expression, LIFE will finally be in balance. Embrace the ambitions of your heart, give yourself permission to shine, love your EGO (but let it be led by your Heart!) and then watch what happens!