Closing out 2011

Here we are, December 31st, 2011! Wow, I don’t know about you but it feels like this year has gone by SO FAST! Tomorrow is the start of a new year. 2012. It feels like the future, but alas, it’s the present.

Where were you 11 years ago? 9/11 hadn’t happened yet. The economic downturn hadn’t happened. There were no ipods, ipads, popular social networks, 3D movies, wi-fi capable blackberries, iphones, wardrobe malfunctions or Wi-Fi on every corner. 11 years ago getting on a plane meant you were unavailable! It’s amazing what can happen in 11 years. What was your life like 11 years ago? What beliefs about the world did you have? What values ruled your life? Are there beliefs you had 11 years ago that you don’t have today? Are there beliefs today that you don’t want to have and do you wish to get back to a younger, happier you? Where did you think you would be by now?


Here you are, you have arrived 11 years later in a new body, with an evolved mind and 11 years’ worth of experience. What advice would you give the you that was 11 years younger? What big ass mistakes have you made? As a result, what major lessons have you learned? Did you apply what you learned or did you keep up the same disempowering pattern?


Know that in 11 years, you will arrive again, but this time 11 years older. What will your life be like then if you don’t change now? What kind of life will you create with 11 more years of the same habits?


My friend, your time is now. This is not like every New Year. This is a turning point. Tomorrow marks a new era in your life, if you so choose it. Tomorrow is the beginning of a brand new life where anything is possible. Tomorrow and every day forward is a day lived with COURAGE, LOVE, TENACITY, PASSION and FORGIVENESS.


Tomorrow and everyday forward give yourself the gift of visualizing your best life and taking action towards it. Surround yourself with positive and inspiring people. Who you will become is greatly determined by those you spend the most amount of time with. Give yourself the edge by stacking the odds in your favor. Educate yourself. Learn the strategies of those who have come before you in your chosen field, learn them and then improve on them.


The potential of your life is truly unlimited when you set yourself up to win. Thinking positive thoughts only is not what I’m talking about. You can hope to see a sunset, but if you stand facing east, no matter how many positive thoughts you think, you won’t see the sun rise.


I’m not talking about positive thinking. I’m talking about getting real with where you are and creating the best YOU and support system to help YOU get to where YOU want to be.


Tony Robbins says that it’s VITAL to “Know the truth, but not the truth worse than it is.” The truth about where you are is one thing. But if you passionately commit to a life of learning, personal growth, contribution, value adding and problem solving you will arrive 11 years from now not only successful, but fulfilled. As my last post this year and this is my greatest wish for you. I look forward to serving you with all the love in my heart in 2012.


I’ll see you on the flip side!


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