The New Year is approaching!

If you want to make changes that LAST you’ve got to take the power back and start living your life, instead of letting life live you.

As you begin to think about how you can improve upon 2011 and integrate the lessons you’ve learned, it’s vital to start planning a new life.

Bad habits and limiting beliefs exist in your life because on some level they are meeting your needs. If you want to step out of your current limits and live an unlimited life new habits are a must.

Have you been giving away too much of yourself to others? Have you been holding back and waiting for just the “perfect moment” to start that business, quit your job or take that risk. Have you been letting the “story” of the economy get you down?

2012 can be different. There were more millionaires created during the Great Depression than any other time in history. Your job is to educate yourself. Take risks on your behalf and find a way to ADD MASSIVE VALUE to the world. Your job is to stop waiting for the perfect moment and realize NOW is the only moment there ever is and NOW is the time to act.

Instead of relying on the Government, Banks or Corporations to “fix” or “solve” your problems, take the power into your own hands. Create a job. Start a business. Figure out the best way to be of service. Get mentors who can help show you the way. Risk! There is massive opportunity out there right now for those who are bold enough to seek it.

What new stories can you tell in 2012 about your life? How can you no longer be a victim and instead be the CREATOR of your life circumstances!? What are you willing to do to change?

Time waits for no one, my friend. So if you want to fly, don’t wait for someone to give you permission, grow your own wings, JUMP and fly!


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