What About Your Circumstances…


Do not attach your self-worth to the circumstances of your life. What happens “out there” does not define who you are.

When things don’t go your way, when things go “wrong”, and when you do not seem to currently have enough money, do not attach a story or sense of self-worth to your circumstances.

Who you really are, the power being within you, can decide to take charge and CHANGE your current circumstances. If you were just your circumstances you would not be able to change them.

The mere fact that you have to make a different choice, educate yourself, raise your standards and want better for yourself – means that you are more than your circumstances. If you weren’t there is no way you would even be able to have thoughts of changing it.

Realize this profound TRUTH – that you are not your circumstances! You have the most powerful force available to you right now – the power of CHOICE, to want more, to become who you know you really are, beyond your fear, to embrace the UNKNOWN with a cool and confident knowing that…. “you got this”.

Detach from any stories you tell yourself that attach your worth to your circumstances. Circumstances are neutral. YOU are strong and YOU are able to change your circumstances.


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