Closing out 2011

Here we are, December 31st, 2011! Wow, I don’t know about you but it feels like this year has gone by SO FAST! Tomorrow is the start of a new year. 2012. It feels like the future, but alas, it’s the present.

Where were you 11 years ago? 9/11 hadn’t happened yet. The economic downturn hadn’t happened. There were no ipods, ipads, popular social networks, 3D movies, wi-fi capable blackberries, iphones, wardrobe malfunctions or Wi-Fi on every corner. 11 years ago getting on a plane meant you were unavailable! It’s amazing what can happen in 11 years. What was your life like 11 years ago? What beliefs about the world did you have? What values ruled your life? Are there beliefs you had 11 years ago that you don’t have today? Are there beliefs today that you don’t want to have and do you wish to get back to a younger, happier you? Where did you think you would be by now?


Here you are, you have arrived 11 years later in a new body, with an evolved mind and 11 years’ worth of experience. What advice would you give the you that was 11 years younger? What big ass mistakes have you made? As a result, what major lessons have you learned? Did you apply what you learned or did you keep up the same disempowering pattern?


Know that in 11 years, you will arrive again, but this time 11 years older. What will your life be like then if you don’t change now? What kind of life will you create with 11 more years of the same habits?


My friend, your time is now. This is not like every New Year. This is a turning point. Tomorrow marks a new era in your life, if you so choose it. Tomorrow is the beginning of a brand new life where anything is possible. Tomorrow and every day forward is a day lived with COURAGE, LOVE, TENACITY, PASSION and FORGIVENESS.


Tomorrow and everyday forward give yourself the gift of visualizing your best life and taking action towards it. Surround yourself with positive and inspiring people. Who you will become is greatly determined by those you spend the most amount of time with. Give yourself the edge by stacking the odds in your favor. Educate yourself. Learn the strategies of those who have come before you in your chosen field, learn them and then improve on them.


The potential of your life is truly unlimited when you set yourself up to win. Thinking positive thoughts only is not what I’m talking about. You can hope to see a sunset, but if you stand facing east, no matter how many positive thoughts you think, you won’t see the sun rise.


I’m not talking about positive thinking. I’m talking about getting real with where you are and creating the best YOU and support system to help YOU get to where YOU want to be.


Tony Robbins says that it’s VITAL to “Know the truth, but not the truth worse than it is.” The truth about where you are is one thing. But if you passionately commit to a life of learning, personal growth, contribution, value adding and problem solving you will arrive 11 years from now not only successful, but fulfilled. As my last post this year and this is my greatest wish for you. I look forward to serving you with all the love in my heart in 2012.


I’ll see you on the flip side!


The New Year is approaching!

If you want to make changes that LAST you’ve got to take the power back and start living your life, instead of letting life live you.

As you begin to think about how you can improve upon 2011 and integrate the lessons you’ve learned, it’s vital to start planning a new life.

Bad habits and limiting beliefs exist in your life because on some level they are meeting your needs. If you want to step out of your current limits and live an unlimited life new habits are a must.

Have you been giving away too much of yourself to others? Have you been holding back and waiting for just the “perfect moment” to start that business, quit your job or take that risk. Have you been letting the “story” of the economy get you down?

2012 can be different. There were more millionaires created during the Great Depression than any other time in history. Your job is to educate yourself. Take risks on your behalf and find a way to ADD MASSIVE VALUE to the world. Your job is to stop waiting for the perfect moment and realize NOW is the only moment there ever is and NOW is the time to act.

Instead of relying on the Government, Banks or Corporations to “fix” or “solve” your problems, take the power into your own hands. Create a job. Start a business. Figure out the best way to be of service. Get mentors who can help show you the way. Risk! There is massive opportunity out there right now for those who are bold enough to seek it.

What new stories can you tell in 2012 about your life? How can you no longer be a victim and instead be the CREATOR of your life circumstances!? What are you willing to do to change?

Time waits for no one, my friend. So if you want to fly, don’t wait for someone to give you permission, grow your own wings, JUMP and fly!

Are You Ready?

As we step into a New Year – what changes are you willing to make? What bad habits are you willing to let go of? What SHOULDS are you willing to make into MUSTS?


Many times habits and relationships served us earlier on in life become out dated and toxic. What toxic relationships & habits are you willing to let go of? Are you courageous enough to let go and leave room for the marvelous unknown to fill the void?


As we step into a New Year, honestly ask yourself these questions. The quality of your future depends on the actions you take now.


So I ask you… What are you willing to let go of?

Merry Christmakwanzakah!

No matter what path you walk on in your life, religious, spiritual, atheist, yogic, nature, or none of the above I feel that today is a very special and symbolic day.

Far too often we use our differences to divide us. This group believes this, this group believes that – look how different we are. And while variety is indeed the spice of life and different points of view all help to push us forward to see the many sides of life; I think the most important thing to focus on this Holiday season, this Christmas is what our similarities are.

We may have a million differences, but if we can find even one similarity that is enough of a bond to rally and unite around. My belief is that the one thing we are share, above anything else, is the strong desire to Love and be Loved. This is what moves us, binds us and keeps us moving. To feel love in action is to feel and be alive. The animals and plant life we share this planet with know how to do this intuitively.

Being human, we are presented with a challenge. We have the gift of intuition, of trusting our inherent nature, but then we have this mind. And this mind of ours is a wonderful thing. The human mind is capable of such genius, such innovation and amazement that there truly is no limit. But this mind of ours also gets in the way. Doubt, fear, worry, anxiety, low-self-esteem, addiction, etc… all these things are by products of a mind that is not in sync with the natural knowing of our being.

My deep wish for you this Holiday season, on this Christmas Day is for you to know your authentic self. For all the outward shapes, relationships and things to not define you. To let your fears slip away and transform into trust and to know at once who you really are.

You, like all beings on this planet, are a child of the Universe and have a natural ability within you to thrive. This has nothing to do with possessions, social status or outward appearance. Who you truly are is infinite, indescribable and constantly changing.

This Christmas, give yourself the gift of your own authenticity. The chains of fear have held you long enough. The heavy weight of doubt no longer needs to be carried. Today, and everyday forward free yourself from who-you-think-you-are and simply be authentic. Many of us have less than we did last year. The global recession has made everyone “less” on paper, including me.

But what’s funny is that I have never felt more alive, more real or larger in my life. Being forced to lose things, which I placed my self worth in, made me reevaluate who I am, and what defines me. And what I’ve learned is that nothing defines me, but me. And I have 100% control over my actions, my choices and my response to life. I can’t control all of life, but I can control how I respond to it.

I believe many of our outside words have been made small, so that we can finally see and embrace how large we are within. When you find this power inside, it’s not a false power. It’s actually the only true thing we know, that we actually experience. And when you start to act from and trust this power within you, you start to look around and see that this same energy is inside everything else. This simplifies life. If the same power and energy is within us, to more we activate and cultivate our own power the more that power will be attracted to us from the outside.

Our false world is dying so that our true world, our bliss, our Heaven on earth can be born, from within. This is happening on a person by person basis.

This Christmas, I urge to know how large you are within yourself, to trust your natural abilities and talents and to act on your intuition, your primal knowing and trusting of life. Taking this step, trusting this coming of age will change your Life and set you up for an amazing and prosperous 2012.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays! May all the love, joy, abundance and peace be yours! Now and forever!

It’s Christmas Eve!

It’s Christmas Eve, my friends and mates

What a wonderful day it is.

With presents gathered

Surrounded by those who matter

What a wonderful life we live.

With family and lovers close

You’ve gotten a great dose

Of what life is really all about

Remember this cheer

Throughout the year

And Love, you’ll never be without!

What About Your Circumstances…


Do not attach your self-worth to the circumstances of your life. What happens “out there” does not define who you are.

When things don’t go your way, when things go “wrong”, and when you do not seem to currently have enough money, do not attach a story or sense of self-worth to your circumstances.

Who you really are, the power being within you, can decide to take charge and CHANGE your current circumstances. If you were just your circumstances you would not be able to change them.

The mere fact that you have to make a different choice, educate yourself, raise your standards and want better for yourself – means that you are more than your circumstances. If you weren’t there is no way you would even be able to have thoughts of changing it.

Realize this profound TRUTH – that you are not your circumstances! You have the most powerful force available to you right now – the power of CHOICE, to want more, to become who you know you really are, beyond your fear, to embrace the UNKNOWN with a cool and confident knowing that…. “you got this”.

Detach from any stories you tell yourself that attach your worth to your circumstances. Circumstances are neutral. YOU are strong and YOU are able to change your circumstances.