Lets Remember to be Thankful

We have an opportunity in this moment to go beyond all the conditioned thoughts of the world, our friends, our family and step into a world that WE create from the inside out. WE have an opportunity to heal from past wounds. Lessons in growth and beauty showing us how to become more of who we really are. WE have an opportunity to gain certainty that the future will be better than the past by living our Destiny that the world has for us. We have an opportunity to shine brightly, which will help to guide our Path as well as help others shine.

None of this can happen without a fundamental shift in our minds – from fear to LOVE, from blame to GRATITUDE.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, many people from all walks of life – different religions, political beliefs, skin color and financial tiers will all come together for the common purpose of family, community and gratitude. We tend to hyper focus our thoughts on the things we are grateful for this time of the year and it’s truly amazing. But the real beauty, the true Thanksgiving is not about eating turkey, tofurkey and seeing your family. Thanksgiving is something that lives in our hearts.

When we give Thanks for the Giving of our lives, we step out of lack and into abundance. We didn’t create this world – we didn’t even create the air that we breathe. How many things around you do you get a benefit from that you didn’t have to create for yourself?

If we want to live our dreams, if we want to have real Love in our lives, if we want to get to the end of our lives and have a truly LIVED – Gratitude will get us there. Gratitude comes from an internal awareness that you are already whole. It comes from the internal knowing that the more you know, the more you realize that you don’t know, and we are grateful for ALL experiences in our lives, because they have come to teach us. Being grateful means having the capacity to look around and see abundance, no matter what the minds of humanity proclaim.

Being grateful means stopping and getting out of your own story and helping someone in need. Nothing brings us joy like being of service to others. It takes us out of the drama of our lives, our story, our problems and puts the focus on others.

Being grateful is the first step towards being truly rich. We can manifest lives of magic if we give the events of our lives an empowering meaning filled with gratitude (today and everyday) This is a journey my friend let us carry this Holiday Spirit that we feel with us through the Holidays and make Gratitude a way of LIFE. This is how the world will change!


To understand or to experience that’s the question….

Understanding is one thing, experience is the MAIN thing.

A starving person understands what a full plate of food is but they are not nourished by the experience of eating a full plate of food.

The same goes for you in your own life.

You might understand that dreams are possible, you might even believe it – but until  you have the experience that what you know to be true is true you are still living in a fantasy.

Joseph Campbell once said, “I don’t need Faith, I have experience.” To me this phrase sums up so much that we are here to learn in one small sentence.

The bottom line is this: walk the path of your heart, take your dreams seriously, know that you will always be provided for, and don’t ever look back!

As you begin your journey you will be scared, move forward anyway. You will get a little success, then experience setbacks – KEEP GOING. The point of the journey is to teach you to remain calm in the middle of the storm and to see set backs as required lessons. Every experience you have on the road toward your goal is there for you to BECOME the kind of person that will achieve YOUR goal!